Visual Communication: An emerging Public Relations trend


Now-a-days, companies seem to be leaning more and more towards visual communications when engaging with their clients. Like Regan’s PR Daily explains, social media outlets like Pinteres, Instagram, and Tumblr rely mostly on visuals to convey a message. With the growth of technology, social media can now reach the masses instantly with the touch of a button. In 2012 most of the people who own “cell phones” actually own a smart phone (e.g. BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone). This means that they have access to applications like the ones mentioned before, as well as Facebook and Twitter, which allow them to stay connected at all times.

Although the classic PR practices, such as press releases and press conferences should not be disregarded, audiences respond positively to visual communication. Multimedia not only delivers a message but it also captures the audience’s attention.  Regan’s PR Daily states “Even if you have a design team at your disposal, learning how to think about messages visually is an important skill, because communications are becoming more and more about art.” With applications like Instagram now users are becoming more interested in being “artsy” and sharing their experiences with their “followers.” Clothing companies, for example, take advantage of social media applications like Pinterest and Instagram the most because it allows them to share their products and creations with their audiences, and at the same time it allows their followers to interact with them. This is an advantage since it lets companies see immediate results on what clients like and dislike.

Visual communication allows for a two-way interaction between companies and their audiences. Typical PR channels are still prevalent and important, however visual communication seems to be capturing the audiences’ attention better, hence, becoming a trend among PR practitioners


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