Ten things I absolutely hate about Facebook:

The following are my Facebook pet peeves. You can agree or disagree, but it’s my opinion. Note: these are not in any specific order of dislike.

  1.  PDA – we get it, you’re in love. But there’s no reason why you should share every feeling you have for each other every second for everyone to see. Just stick to texting-it’s a lot less gag-inducing.
  2. Constant negativity – I understand everyone has a bad day or needs a friend when they’re down, but Facebook isn’t your diary. What’s worse are the people that only have negative things to share. It gets a little exhausting having to read about every problem you have, plus it’s embarrassing.
  3. Random Facebook chats- I don’t really know you anymore, I haven’t seen you in years, and we were never really friends so why are you taking the time to talk to me now?
  4. The new “seen” app on chat-  Sometimes I don’t feel like responding right away. This new application makes me feel like if I don’t respond, then I’m rude.
  5. “Liking” a newly single relationship status- Please consider at least one person in the previous relationship is hurting, so don’t make it harder by “liking” the newly single status. That’s just a jerk move.
  6. Horrible grammar and spelling- I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best with grammar. English isn’t my first language, but at least I try. It bothers me more among Spanish speakers, but especially when people don’t make an effort to use readable language.
  7. Bikini “selfie” profile pictures- We get it, you look good in a bikini (some of you); but there is  no reason why you need to stand in front of a mirror, and pose for a half-naked picture. It looks tacky, and says a lot about your character.
  8. Political arguments- I understand everyone has their own opinion; but instead of attacking each other we should respect everyone’s point of view. Please understand that Facebook isn’t the place to fight about politics.
  9. The ex- We all do it. I wish we could resist the temptation of stalking our exes. Actually, I wish the temptation wasn’t there in the first place. Facebook has ruined us in that manner.
  10. Tweets on Facebook- Save the tweeting for Twitter. That is why you have separate accounts. For those of us who follow you on both social media accounts, we feel you’re being repetitive and a little bit annoying.

Some of these arguments can be controversial, but it’s only my point of view. Anyone can agree or disagree with these points, I’m just being honest.


9 responses to “Ten things I absolutely hate about Facebook:

  1. I agree with all of these! Especially the bikini selfies! Facebook is public, our future employers look at it and we have to remember to present ourselves professionally! As unfortunate as that fact is, it’s still a fact! The same goes for crazy party pictures I think. Great post, Raisa!

  2. I love this post. It is a great reminder that people do use Facebook for more than just branding and promotion. It is also a reminder to keep our online behavior in check. Why should basic etiquette that we use in the real world get set aside in the virtual world? Just because we have a computer screen in front of us does not mean that there isn’t a person on the other end with feelings. We focus so much on keeping our professional accounts professional that we tend to let everything and anything fly on our personal pages. We tend to think that just because we want to post everything we do online that means everyone else wants to know what we do. Well reality check, that is not alwasy the case. We need to try and keep our personal accounts just as clean and our professional accounts.

    • Like my dad says, “Common sense is not common.” People forget that once they put something on the Internet its there to haunt you forever. I understand high school students might still be learning these things but most of my Facebook friends are about to graduate soon, its time to take responsibility for our actions and act like adults.

  3. Reading this, I can completely agree with more than 70% of what you posted.

    It’s really interesting you did your response to this because many of the points you brought up correlates to the things businesses do not want to see when searching your profile on Facebook. Since it is now an increasing trend for employers to see Facebook profiles, many now look at the profiles as a first judgement of what you are as an individual. My former boss at my last internship mentioned that when his company receives an application, before doing anything else, the employees does a Facebook search of the prospective candidate. For one of the applicants, the employer found a picture of a girl in a very seductive bikini picture. While my boss can be outgoing, he said that he would never want a girl that poses like that outside a workplace to ever work for him.

    While many could say that searching Facebook is an invasion of privacy, I have to ask how? It’s out there and it is public. Basically, whatever anyone posts is fair game for the outside world.

    Anyway, in conclusion, great article.

    • This is exactly what my latest post was about. I think we have to understand that as soon as we upload things to the Internet or allow our social networking sites have personal information we are giving up our privacy. We simply have to be careful about what we divulge and accept at the same time that if we want certain commodities, we need to accept that a lot of our information will be out there for everyone to see. Scary but true. Thanks for the input!

  4. I absolutely love this post. It’s one of those things where you said exactly what I think about all the time but don’t always have the guts to say out loud. I would also add constant bombardment of those game requests (That literally drives me insane). I wish all people had the common sense to control themselves online as much as they would in the real world. I mean, if you wouldn’t text a picture of you in a bikini to everyone you’re friends with on Facebook why would you post it in the first place? (I mean maybe some people would……but that’s a whole different story) Thanks for the dose of common sense.

    • Haha Thanks Danielle, this post seems to be a favorite. I’m known for speaking my mind and I think my blog should be no exception. It’s good that people get a honest, different point of view from time to time for their own benefit :).

  5. These are hilarious and SO TRUE! The one that gets me the most is when someone “likes” a single relationship. So rude, and a perfect example of how social media can, unfortunately, desensitize people’s attitudes.

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