Pinterest: Convenient, but not for me

Pinterest has been around for a while now. Most of my friends are obsessed with it and spend a decent amount of time creating boards. I had heard about it since it became popular, however, I was never truly interested in joining the Pinterest community.

On Pinterest, you can create your own board with images and recipes that you enjoy. Here you can collect all of your interests and go back to these collections whenever you like. You can follow people you may know and get a glimpse at the boards they pin.

Personally, Pinterest is not a social medium that I am interested in. The first couple of days I was pinning several boards, including Fall styles and food recipes. However, it was too time consuming for me, and I realized that it was redundant with the Instagram application I have on my phone.

If I want to look for a specific recipe I go on my Food Network app and search a specific dish I want to make. On Instagram I follow fashion accounts and I also follow my friends, and celebrities I like.  Hence, for me it is more convenient to have all of those interests in a single app.

Nonetheless, from a business standpoint it’s a different story. As I have mentioned in past blog posts, the public responds better to visual communication since there could be an emotional connection with an image.  Businesses should be in most social media networks, including Pinterest. Just like me, everyone has different opinions as well as interest. With so many social media networks on the web, companies should be in most of those to make sure they don’t miss out on any potential clients. So even though Pintrest is not for me, it should not be discarded by anyone as a great medium to get products seen. 


2 responses to “Pinterest: Convenient, but not for me

  1. It’s interesting to hear a perspective from someone who is not interested in Pinterest. Most of my friends, like your friends, love Pinterest and use it on a daily basis. I personally love Pinterest too, but I do see your point on how it can be time consuming and a google search method could work just as easily for recipes or DIY ideas. Even though it is time consuming, I do think it is beneficial for companies. I agree that the public responds to visuals and having a Pinterest site is beneficial for most companies.

  2. I feel like I’m on the same page as you– I’m not super interested in Pinterest. I had about a week obsession with it but since then I haven’t really been back. I think there are just SO many social media sites/apps these days that it’s hard to keep up with all of them.

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