A Guide to a Personal Instagram Account:

Five Instagram Don’ts:

  1. Instagram is not an album: Instagram is designed to upload special/funny photos that you want to share with your friends. Please avoid uploading ten photos in a row, especially about your night out.
  2. Asking for likes: just like with Twitter, there is nothing more obnoxious than ask for likes. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if most of them don’t care about your content.
  3. Too many hashtags: When there is a clutter of #hashtags it is almost impossible to read them.
  4. All selfies: Unless you are Justin Bieber, no one enjoys going through your Instagram profile and seeing only pictures of your face.
  5. “Like” your own photos: You uploaded the photo so I presume you like it. Enough said.

Five Instagram Dos:

  1. Upload pictures several times a week: When you have a set number of followers who enjoy your photos and whereabouts, don’t forget to keep in touch with them by uploading at least one #instaworthy photo a week.
  2. Upload a “like” worthy picture: Like I said before, Instagram is best used if special photos are uploaded, contrary to the average photo you see on Facebook every day.
  3. Hashtag: Hashtagging is the best way to categorize your photo and share interests with the Instagram community.
  4. Funny selfie: Every once in a while people enjoy funny/cute selfies. We all do it, but overdoing it is a turn down.
  5. Like your friends’ photos: Instagram is a great way to connect with friends you don’t get to see as much, but sharing distinct photos forms a special connection and it’s a great way to keep in touch.

4 responses to “A Guide to a Personal Instagram Account:

  1. I love how you did your post on Instagram, I am literally OBSESSED with the app. I laughed out loud reading the don’ts in reference to asking for likes and too many hashtags, I totally agree with both of those. To be honest, I used very, very few hashtags.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your do’s and don’ts! Selfies and too many hashtags are annoying and unenjoyable to look at. I agree that Instagram is a great nee way to share “special” photos, not drunken photos or photos of your food; definitely think a “Like” worthy photo is the key.

  3. It is nice to get a better understanding of Instagram. I have heard a lot about the app but did not know much about it. Time for me to take some meaningful photos while using hashtags!

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