Social Media and the malicious devil over our shoulders

are-you-an-angel-or-a-devilSince we were kids “good vs. bad” actions were represented in cartoons by a little angel over one shoulder, and a little devil over the other. Sometimes, that is exactly how I view social media. I feel like every Sunday I have a dilemma with myself before uploading photos to Facebook or Instagram from the nice weekend that just passed. In one hand, I want to keep my social platforms clean and classy. On the other hand, I want to share with all my friends all the photos from last night at the bar. But wait, there is a beer in my hand, should I upload this or not? I’m 21 years old, I’m not doing anything illegal; however, I am a Senior looking for jobs and I don’t want companies judging me because I went out one night. As college students, how do we know what is right to post on our social networks and what we should keep to ourselves?


Luckily, there are plenty of blogs and websites out there that can help guide us as to what is acceptable and what is not. Recently I found out about a great resource for college students like us, The Social U. There are thousands of blogs in the web that talk about social media, and what to do, or not. There are many blogs written by professionals we look up to, however, they all saying the same thing. So why my sudden interest in The Social U? Simple: it was created by college students, for college students. Many of the social media blogs I follow are written by people older than me, usually a generation or two ahead of me. I understand what they are saying, but honestly, sometimes it’s easier when I know my peers are going through the same situations I am, and are living my same experiences.

The Social U is a great resource for learning about new social media trends, how to portray yourself in social media, and what is acceptable or not acceptable to share in these mediums. Even though our generation grew up with social media at hand, we still need some guidance, and The Social U is a great outlet for this.


3 responses to “Social Media and the malicious devil over our shoulders

  1. I know, it’s so hard though. Everybody has different guidelines when judging. Thanks for reading my posts! 🙂

  2. Raisa, I had never heard of The Social U before reading your post. I checked out the website and found that it has many insightful posts relevant to us college students. I agree that reading a post written by one of our peers is reassuring and a fresh change of pace. I will definitely continue to check this site out. Thanks for the introduction!

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