Case Study: Sears’ Appliances TV spot

A couple of months ago Sears started launching a TV campaign that focused on their appliances.  The main focus of the campaign is to highlight the fact that Sears is the only retail store with all of the top ten brand names in the market right now. However, the approach Sears took was a bit odd. The TV spot series consist on romantic encounters, when suddenly somebody runs into a big appliance and falls to the ground:

With this TV ad in particular, at first it looks a lot like an American Eagle commercial.

Sears is present on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However the campaign that is constantly airing on TV and print ads in some magazines is not very present in their social media networks. Every once in a while Sears will post a link to some TV ads on YouTube, but there is no interaction or correlation with the TV campaign and social media. Sears uses their social media for special sales and discounts, and mostly post about their name brands on jewelry and apparel.

Screen shot 2012-12-09 at 12.41.04 AM

I think Sears is missing out on connecting their social media with their TV ads because they could be interacting more with their audience. In the only 2 posts I found about the TV commercials some responses were not too favorable for Sears. Hence, Sears should look into tying all of their campaigns into their social media to speak with one voice, get their message out, and raise awareness of their brand and what they are advertising.


2 responses to “Case Study: Sears’ Appliances TV spot

  1. I watched the video clip before I even started reading your article (I’m a visual person I guess) and I immediately thought it was an American Eagle commercial and you were going to be comparing it to Sears; but as it went further I realized it had nothing to do with American Eagle. I think Sears completely missed the mark of what they were trying to do. The ad you placed in your post started out like it was going to be clothing commercial or something along those lines. While Sears added humor by having the couple run into the appliances, I do not think they succeeded in getting the message across that they intended.
    I think the fact that they have the top 10 brand names in the market is a great tool and they should definitely market it; however, there are a lot better ways they could have done so than the method they chose.

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