How much Tweeting is too much Tweeting?

For both my Public Relations Writing class and my Social Media class I was required to constantly tweet during class time, as well as outside. I found that for businesses purpose it is very important to keep in touch with those in the industry, follow them, and be up to date with what prominent professionals are tweeting.

For personal use, I don’t really like tweeting too much. I use it to share articles and blog posts I have written; other than that I don’t really need it.

Nonetheless, I really enjoy using it to connect with professionals, other bloggers, and celebrity happenings. Twitter is an excellent source of information. Every time there is a breaking news, the first thing to do is go on twitter and find a trend that further explains.

For the past couple of years, Twitter is used a lot by TV shows, this way networks, like Bravo, can keep track of what is being said, and encourage interaction with viewers and TV celebrities.

In general Twitter is a good and very needed tool. However, for my personal and social matters I don’t use it as much as Facebook and Instagram.


One response to “How much Tweeting is too much Tweeting?

  1. I agree that there is a point when tweeting is excessive. I think that sometimes the stigma about being in the social sphere always and forever is dramatic and unreasonable. I think that Twitter should be a quality over quantity use- for me at least. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it!

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