Social Media Blast During 55th Annual Grammy Awards

This past Sunday America tuned in to CBS to watch the 55th Annual Grammy Awards (aka the biggest night of music!). You might ask yourself: why on earth are the Grammy’s being discussed in a social media website? Well first of all, let me clarify that it is scientifically proven that pop culture heavily influences the way we act, dress, think, and respond to day-to-day activities. Pop culture not only affects our lifestyle but also the way we buy and why we buy a certain product. Pick up any consumer behavior book out there and you will be able to confirm that yourself.

Now, back to my original question, the Grammy Awards are being discussed in this social media blog because it matters! As a pop culture junkie, I have been following award season religiously; however, on Sunday it completely slipped my mind that the Grammys were on. It took me two seconds after I logged in to Facebook to read a status about it, and I immediately turned my TV on (whew!). My next step: going on Twitter to see what the buzz was. The “Trend” section was mostly #Grammy related:

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 7.48.55 PM

It is very interesting seeing what people have to say while the show is going on; some people criticize  the performances while others praise their favorite celebrities. In a nutshell, it’s an ongoing conversation among thousands of Twitter followers. Leaders in our society are very aware of the power of social media too, this is why the show’s host, LL Cool J, was promoting the hashtag #GRAMMYs as well as reading fans’ Tweets as the night went on. This hashtag was used 2.6 million times on Sunday night, and the social media interaction across the board was of 15.4 million! This is a 511% rise from the 2011 Grammy Awards social media interactions as stated by Billboard Biz.

There were many exciting moments during the event such as Justin Timberlake’s big comeback (finally!), and Rihanna’s touching performance singing her new single “Stay.” Speaking of Rihanna, the most Tweeted picture of the night was one of her and Chris Brown cuddling at the event (gag). The masses on Twitter were outraged when they saw her with one of the most hated men on celebrity history, this is why the number one peek of the night on Twitter was when Frank Ocean won over Chris Brown.

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 8.07.27 PM

The Grammy Awards buzz started way before Sunday night. Here is an Infographic by showing who would have won on “The Social Grammys.” This shows the power that pop culture has over all of us. As fanatics we invest our time and devote our attention to all of our favorite celebrities; the same applies to our favorite brands.


Pretty cool, huh? Fortunately for me award season isn’t over, let’s see what social media has to say next week about the Orcars…

*This was originally posted on The Social U by me as a contributor writer. 


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