Your Top 10 Resources for Advertising Information

  1. All of those Advertising lovers out there know that this is an ever changing field. Every day a new campaign is launched, a celebrity endorses a new brand, or a company changes its brand’s image. Advertising is a very tight and competitive field, and only few information resources are to be trusted:
    1. Ad Age (443,000+ Followers)
    Even though Ad Age does not have the highest number of followers on Twitter, everyone in the industry knows that they are the number one source of information in advertising. Ad Age describes themselves as “the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities.”
  2. Why Coke Went Dark On Twitter For Nearly Two Hours During the Super Bowl
  3. They are the leading advertising news source because the information they provide is current, reliable, and covers all aspects of advertising.
  4. 2. Mashable- Pete Cashmore (3,162,000+ Followers)


    Mashable is clearly the most known and followed account for news on current events including social media, business, entertainment, and of course, advertising. Mashable is mostly trusted by the Generation Y because they speak the same language and deliver information that matters and is important to this generation.

  5. Social Media Users Say Pinterest Is as Popular as Twitter
  6. Even though Mashable doesn’t solely focus on advertising they cover the most important and newsworthy advertising stories.

  7. 3. Creative Review (728,000+ Followers)


    Creative Review is the number one source of the creative design side of advertising. They describe themselves as “The best in visual culture, design, graphics, advertising, film, photography, illustration, type.” All of the elements mentioned before are what makes or breaks a creative advertising campaign.

  8. Poster Art 150 – London Underground’s Greatest Designs opens today. Spectacular show of some of the great posters
  9. What many people don’t understand is that creatives take every single detail of design under consideration while designing art work. Whether it’s the direction of an element that leads your eye movement, or the color pallet used to inspire a certain emotion, everything in design has a purpose.

  10. 4. Brand Republic (120,000+ Followers)

    Brand Republic is just another full range source for reporting advertising braking news. They describe themselves as leading in “Daily Breaking advertising, digital, social media, marketing & media news from the publisher of Campaign, Marketing, Media Week, PR Week and The Wall blog.”


  11. David Beckham H&M spot most shared, followed by ‘Sweet Brown’… << Reports @theBenHall
  12. Brand Republic is a good source for learning about aspects about advertising that might not be too newsworthy, but are facts and analyses worth having knowledge of.
  13. Brand birthdays: cause for celebration?… << Asks @JohnReynolds10 as Coke, VW & The FT blow out candles
  14. 5. Ad Week (112,000+ Followers)

    Ad Week is another very well known information source for advertising. They do a good job with keeping up with technology and how it might affect the advertising and marketing business. Ad Week describes itself as “The leading source for news, insight and community for marketers, media and agencies.” One of the things that makes Ad Week stand out is their “Ad Freak” section in which they discuss the best and worst of advertising branding and design.
  15. Agency Replaces Client’s Website With Nasty Letter – UPDATE: Company says it’s being blackmailed.
  16. They also provide great insight for advertising agencies as to what the market trends are and what the best way to target each is.
  17. Women increasingly use their mobile phones to arrange extramarital trysts on @ashleymadison.

  18. 6. Ads of the World (103,000+ Followers)


    Ads of the World specializes in archiving interesting advertising campaigns. These are elaborate print ads or TV spots that might sometimes be controversial and other times very witty. Ads of the world is not exactly a news source, but any time you want to see a campaign, or simply a print ad that caught your attention, this is the place to go.

  19. Clever Valentine’s Day ads. This one’s our favourite. Which one’s yours? #valentinesday

  20. 7. The Drum- UK (50,000+ Followers)


    The Drum is very similar to Ad Age and Ad Week. It’s a leading source of advertising news as well as PR, social media and marketing news. The Drum is a predominant source in the UK, therefore it’s a good way of seeing how brands are being analyzed across the world.

  21. Google removes asteroid doodle from homepage following Russian meteor shower
  22. The Drum is a great source for learning about available job opening in the field but mostly in the UK.
  23. Bupa Healthcare currently recruiting for design exec and brand and design manager,, #designjobs
  24. 8. Yahoo Ad Buzz (35,000+ Followers)

    Many people utilize Yahoo as their number one news source in the morning. Yahoo has the reputation of digesting the most newsworthy stories and keeping their audience informed. Well, advertising news is not the exception.
  25. Big Data holds secrets to online advertising success. Genome from Yahoo! uses predictive analytics to reveal them
  26. Yahoo Ad Buzz describes itself as “The official page of Yahoo! Advertising. Tweeting about online marketing/advertising news, insights & updates from inside Yahoo!.”
  27. Saddest Valentine’s Day stat: 14% of women said they’ll send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. More insights here

  28. 9. Ad Rants (33,000+ Followers)


    Like many of the companies already mentioned before, Ad Rants specializes on marketing and advertising news, with creative commentary, consumer trends, and newly found research. Ad Rants has more of a blog feel rather than an informative website; there is a little personality to each of the posts.

  29. Over 60 Ad Agencies Have Harlem Shake Videos (Makes sense since agencies can’t help but jump on a trend)

  30. 10. NYT Media and Ads (18,000+ Followers)


    Finally, the very well known New York Times has a great reputation on reporting breaking news. The NYT Media and Ads account is no different, and its a great resource for learning about “hot from the press” issues in the advertising world.

  31. Advertising: Wisk Campaign Takes On Invisible Laundry Stains
  32. NYT Media and Ads is also known for analyzing media content, and the market industry.
  33. Media Decoder Blog: CNN’s Carnival Cruise Ship Coverage Lifts Ratings

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